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    lakedrifter Kicking off the thread you suggested.

    In our shop we run a big compressor, not sure how big exactly, its 15 years old, lives in its box outside and does its thing year after year.

    Inside we run, two spray units for glue, staple guns, air riveter, blow gun, die grinder.

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    My suggestion was on Glue pots but hey I'll flow with it.

    Lets see. on my porter cable (60 Gallon 11.5 SCFM @ 90 PSI) I run die grinders, air ratchets, blow guns, staple guns and a plasma cutter.

    But really when need to only look at the max CFM and PSI you would be running at one time. Me being a 1 man shop means there is usually only 1 tool being used at a time.

    For a small 1 man shop that does only canvas, you could probably get away with what Mike has under his table


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      We use a small compressor as really only one thing at a time running. Keep it under a table ... super quiet. Use it for cutting table, stapler, small grinder.
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        Does sunlight qualify as air? I run on solar panels :-)