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    Well Ladies and Gents, I went and invested in the second part of my Plan B. While everyone was having a blast in Georgia, I was up in Beaufort NC checking out a fat bottomed girl Shes a 68 so none of that core rot. I had an inspector go along with me to make sure I wasn't throwing to much money away . He said shes still holding together from a hull stand point but she needed to be gone through from top to bottom.

    Since I live in Texas I'll be working on her sails first during this summer (Piddle Time). Once things here progress and I can leave this place I will head up there full time.

    I'll post more photos as I progress.

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    Nice!!! Cannot wait to see this rebuild.


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      My kind of boat, lovely.


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        very cool! what is your time frame to leave texas and head east?


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          Thanks Glen..... hopefully by the end of the year. With a 2 year timeline to get it back to where it needs to be. There is plenty of work to be done. It was pulled out by the owner 4 years ago for a refit. Due to the declining health of his parents, he just didn't have time or the money anymore.

          When I go back in September my main concern will be pulling the main mast and fixing the mast step in that location. Right now its being supported by a jack post. After 40 years the laminate and plywood cross section that form the front bulkhead and the head have failed. Mostly because the builder moved the mast back 6 inches when they took it from a sloop to a ketch rig.

          In the mean time I have been learning the art of making sails. Maybe Ill post a thread on it this summer. I've have learned that they are as easy or complex as you make them. Mostly determined by type of use.


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            Sail making, there is another trade in itself.
            Are you doing it the old fashioned way or computer aided?


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              Azz, no computer my friend. I'm going to add a temporary section of 12 feet to my table and loft it there.

              I've been using Don Casey "This Old Boat". The last chapter is on sail making and what he did over the years.