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Whole roll.

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  • Whole roll.

    Biggest roll we've ever ordered. The lift struggled to get it off the truck.

    May be some binding in my future.


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      I just finished one of those pontoons


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        All day on 2 pcs of carpet?!?!?



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          Thought you had an nc carpet binding machine? Second, a sailrite is not the machine to do this. 3rd, corinthian will bind it for you, probably would be cheaper than 8 hours for you too do it. 4th, binding works better with the nap down.
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            1- The NC Binder is for sale. It does great for less thick carpets. Needle deflection causes dropped stitches, I have no time for that. The NC may be sold, didn't want to break it.

            2 - Odd, The Sailrite did a great job. #22 needle, Tenara clear, stout presser foot pressure, stout tension all round, and it did the job as asked. How not?

            3 - There will be 6 more pieces for this job. These are the largest. The others, around the helm, the bar area, ect. We are a custom shop... we do the work.

            4 - There are a few factors at play here. (Keep in mind I did some tests during the morning hours, and may have tried the NC, sewing napp down, ect.)
            a- the smaller of the 2 is about 220 lbs / 100 kilo. The one shown my guess, 350 lbs / 160 kilo. I'm 220 soaked, round 2 I'm fighting outside my weight class.
            b- I am an old man. I watched man walk on the moon for the first time, live on TV, and remember it! I didn't have a young buck like yourself to muscle the monsters around for me.
            c- arthritis in my lumbar 3-4-5, and a bullet near my C7 & C8, prevents me from dragging around carpets the size of those in factor A. Yet.... I'm "THE Guy" for carpet binding. WTH?
            d- I had to admit that I was not in charge of this job, the carpet was. I had to find solutions to the issues presented and get the job done. If I could not bring the carpet to the machine. I would need to bring the machine to the carpet. Smarter, not harder.
            e- See thread "Dog eat Dog" Many in the field claim to be stronger better faster cheaper, with tons more experience than I. Not really a benchmark here! I spent 40 years in the bowling business! I am the king of doing something with nothing for the unknowing and the thankless. I care more than the boat's owner in most cases, so I find what looks best with the tools at hand.

            The Ol' HolePoker
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                Wow nice job, I would have used the SR as well, as you said a lot of weight there. Did you put the machine on wheels ? Did you have to make your own binding ? Doubt I could buy anything like that here.