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  • Pontoon Boats - D back couch

    I have been working on a pontoon boat going on 5 weeks now. 2 of the 3 couches were toast. Foam along the top was destroyed.

    I had tried sculpting it at first from a large block of foam but it was too time consuming and you could see way to many imperfections.

    Instead I ended up using squares of 4 x 5 1/2 x 8 3/4 inch blocks and ran them through a plywood jig i put together. I came out with way better results.

    As for the jig, I just sliced a section from the original that was usable and traced the side profile on to plywood x 2. I added a small piece piece of plywood to one end to act as a stopper.

    I just had my foam guy cut me some 80" blocks of 5 1/2 x 8 3/4 and took it from there.

    Once I had my small blocks in the jig I just used the ole electric knife to go around it.

    Mind you I kept everything in order as I cut it, because unless you have a foam table its not going to be perfect.

    Once I glued them back together and installed them. I went around with the grinder and a 36 grit pad to work out any imperfections.

    I was using 50 density foam.

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    Great way to over come a problem. Started on the covers now?


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      For sho my friend!!! putting the last couch together tonight. All that is left is a captains chair and then reassemble of the whole boat. Should be done by this weekend.

      I bid 4k on this boat when I didn't know any better. that was carpet and upholstery. Should have been closer to 5k with all the new foam I had to put into it. I honored what I quoted though.


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        Sad. Don't waste your time on pontoon seats.
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          Good to know Eric!


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            You can get something like a Spitfire Pod Chair that is really useful and durable.