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Cushions with suckers.

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  • Cushions with suckers.

    Hi all, just had a customer ask if I could make up some cockpit cushions attached with suckers.
    He's bought some back rests which have them & they work very well.

    Obviously it's a shiny fibreglass boat.

    Not sure how they will last, but I am thinking of giving it a go.
    These are the back rests he's got.

    He doesn't want the base cushions with a roll front so the suckers will have to be on the back edge...
    Any one tried this ?

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    I say give it a go, just make him sign your invoice that it’s experimental and he assumes that it might not work long term so your not liable.


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      I reckon it would work if the suckers are good quality.
      As Glen says, make sure the invoice states experimental.

      Let us us know how it goes.


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        What are "suckers"? Suction cups? How are they attached to the cushion? Where do you get them? I like the idea of being able to position a cushion where it is needed rather than where it matches up with a fastener. I would try this!


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          Yes suction cups, I wasn't sure what to call them TBH.
          I opened up the one of the cushions & what they have done is put a grommet through the material & must have forced the suction cup through the hole.
          But I have some cups which have a threaded stem & plastic nut to wind down.
          So I can put it though the grommet & fasten with the 'nut'
          I will try & take some pictures to make it clearer.


          • Somers Cove Canvas
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            Editing a comment
            This is interesting. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing how the project turned out.