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  • Family heirloom.

    We get calls all the time about couches and chairs. Once they get over the shock of the quote and realize a new piece of furniture is less than half the cost of $75/ hr shop fee to strip, pattern, and re-upholsterer grandma's favorite chair, I direct them to the Sailrite youtube channe​​l. Cindy does awesome videos for the DIY crowd.

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    This happened to me just yesterday! A lady wants two chairs reupholstered. I told her that I don't do furniture but that just made her more determined to leave the chairs with me. What's worse, she found the chairs at the dump! How do I explain nicely that I can't stop making money in order to do her a favor? Turning her on to Sailrite is a great idea.


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      LOL. this is an age old problem for the marine trimmer. We just quote them out of this world expensive as it makes sense time wise. If they do them, then I am happy too. But 99% of the time they go away. But the scarcity principle works not just for furniture. Do that with your boat work as well. They will respond the same way. people want what they fear they cant get.
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        Just straight tell them NO. Be firm, they figure it out.

        gcombe Love those last words.


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          Azz. Really? did you tell the place for those restraunt chairs no a year ago? No you made fats stacks as it made sense. You talk a good game, but I know you. Lol


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            Contract furniture is a different ball game to household.

            Mind you, a full blown restoration on a genuine antique, I would look at. Thats my formal training (got a certificate an all!!!) The right client, paying the right money......... have to be something that interests me.