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  • Sling chairs

    Any of you ever do any sling chairs? I did my first set over the weekend. Everything went well except I just can't get some wrinkles out of the curve where it transitions from the seat to the backrest. I cut and sewed them exactly like the old slings. I pulled them as hard as I could but the wrinkles remained. Any tips to get rid of them?

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    Set them in the sun for a few hours always helps us along. The desert sun is pretty intense.

    Heat or steam worth a try.



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      I meant to post an update yesterday. I sat them out in the sun (Bahamas, so we have plenty!) and after a couple days, they looked much better. I think after more time in the sun and sitting in them they should pretty much disappear.


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        Yes often do those, maybe a smidge to tight on the curve ?
        I don't worry about it a couple of days of being sat on they soon even out. We have the Mediterranean sun ruins most materials in a short time.